Here's What Our Customers Have To Say

At Mannarino Builders we understand that our reputation is built on the experience our customers have while working with us to build their new home. As a family business, the approval of our customers means everything to us. Here is what some customers had to say about their experience:


Jan 12, 2010

Dr S. Nagendra
64 Frazier Fir Rd
South Windsor, CT 06074

Dear Sir / Madam

I write this letter, as a testimonial to the excellent work ethic and professional execution of the process of building our new home by Mannarino Builders. The process helped to conceptualize, develop, build to print and focused progressive customer follow up adopted by Rob Mannarino and his team at Mannarino Builders was well thought out and executed with excellence.

We (my spouse and myself) approached Mannarino Builders with the intention of building our dream home. It was indeed a pleasure to avail of the experience of Robert Mannarino and work closely with him to ensure the ideas we had in our concept could be realized. The experience and clear understanding of the building process by Rob, enabled the development process to be a fruitful and informative experience. The willingness to work out details with customers is appreciative.

The approach adopted by Mannarino Builders is distinctly customer focused with excellent high quality selection of hardware (be it granite, flooring or materials) as well as upgrades. The vendors working with Mannarino Builders were very knowledgeable in their respective areas and are extremely helpful. They were customer focused and executed their individual parts of the overall plans with excellence. The quality of work is very high and choice of materials by each one of them is of the highest quality.

It was a pleasure to work with several individuals across the Mannarino Teams. The work ethic as well as professional approach adopted by each one of them enabled the build to print concept to become a real home and each team executed their part to perfection and the home was built on schedule and to plan. Special mention has to be made for the co-ordination of on site activities by Mark, who made sure all aspects, were addressed as and when needed and the plan became a real home.

The only aspect that was of concern was the allowances for lighting as well as appliances. This particular aspect needs to be addressed and should be accommodated based on current trends as well as focused customer needs. The follow up activity extends into the year from the date of occupation. We really had a wonderful year with minor aspects that needed attention. All aspects were addressed in a very timely manner and this particular, follow up aspect is very positive. The key aspect again is customer focus and attention to detail.

Overall, it has been a pleasure to own a Mannarino built home. We have enjoyed the build process as well as the attention to detail with very few minor issues if any. It has been a very positive experience working with each and every individual at Mannarino builders. If I were to build another home, I would definitely choose Rob Mannarino and his team.

Thank you for your kind attention to this letter. If I can be any further help, please do not hesitate to call me at (860) 462-6347 or send an e-mail to

Yours Sincerely,

Nagendra Somanath




July 2009

Dear Rob,

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for the wonderful experience in building our first home. I had heard the horror stories from friends who had used other contractors and I had stressed about the decision to build. Working with you and your staff could not have been a better experience. From your advice you gave in the planning stages, working with your employees while building, we never felt overwhelmed and certainly never felt put off. You went out of your way to address our concerns and were willing to work with us when we came up with ideas to make our home unique to our needs. It is very comforting to know that you are only a phone call away when we have needed something. I would highly recommend you to a prospective buyer and if we ever decide to build again, I hope that you are will to take us on again as a customer.


James and Theresa Kenny




August 2009

We had a very positive experience with Mannarino Builders. Having the ability to make selections on-line makes the process very efficient and convenient for people with busy schedules. The house was delivered on-time and exactly according to the plans. The quality of the craftmanship is outstanding. They are professional and conduct their business with pride and integrity. We strongly recommend building with Mannarino Builders.


Dan Yelle






Sal & Mary Santangelo
231 Maskel Rd.
South Windsor CT. 06074

Dear Rob,

We are writing this letter in testament of the excellent workmanship and honesty you and your entire staff at Mannarino Builders demonstrated during the planning and construction of our new home on Maskel Road. Mary and I were so pleased with the quality of the home you built for us on Cornerstone Drive ten years ago, that when we decided to downsize, there was no uncertainty; we came straight to Mannarino Builders.

This is the fifth custom home that we have built. We have found, over the years, the most important asset when building a home is to have complete trust in, and good clear communication with, the builder. During the planning stages, your patience and personal attention to detail allowed for the development of a design optimally addressing our specific needs. We also appreciated your meticulous attention to detail once the actual construction began. Everything was first rate, and you made the process go smoothly. There are not enough words to go on paper to explain how comfortable we were working with you.

Rob, with our hectic work schedules we thought with all the decisions that had to be made the whole process was going to be overwhelming, but you made it totally pleasurable. Your outstanding selection process, schedule, and advice made life easy. We enjoyed listening to you and your opinions on how certain things should be done. The house was built very much on schedule and was a total success. Your leadership, excellent management of the subcontractors, and attention to detail rang true during all phases of construction.

As time goes by, and we have had the opportunity to see other builder’s homes, we sometimes snicker when we compare them to the quality and craftsmanship evident in our home. The time you spent with us and on the job site during its construction certainly paid off. All of our questions and concerns were always given your immediate attention and you always made us feel our home was your number one priority.

Once again, we want to extend our thanks, for all that you did, to make our homebuilding experience a truly enjoyable one. It would be great if all businesses had your integrity.


Sal & Mary Santangelo






We are honored to share our experiences of building our home with Mannarino Builders. Our journey started with learning of the Kilkenny Heights development through the Mannarino website in June 2007. The website provided home plans, views of the Kilkenny Heights lot plan, and a portfolio of other developments by Mannarino. A simple phone call led to meeting with Rob Mannarino – his years of building knowledge and experience, relaxed manner, and no pressure discussion opened the door to the undertaking of building our new home. We were very excited from the get-go knowing his guiding hand and support would be with us throughout the process.

Rob provides the information thoroughly, step-by-step, to guide you through understanding the floor plans and house styles to choose from. He points out where adjustments to the standard floor plan can be made to make the plan your plan. He offers you the opportunity to visit the home of a previous customer that matches the plan you chose. From the moment the foundation was poured until even now almost a year after our closing date, working with Rob, Mark (Site foreman), and the sub-contractors – from the framers, drywall, siding, plumbing, electrical, insulation, heating and cooling, windows, building supplies, cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, siding, painters, lawn, paving, and sidewalk – was a breeze. Each and every one of them has shown outstanding customer service – patience, follow-through, quality workmanship, integrity, and placing our wishes and dreams first. The commitment by everyone involved in building our home, from start to finish, was as if they were building it for themselves and their families - you can’t expect much more than that and they delivered.

For anyone considering building their dream home we would absolutely encourage you to pursue that dream with confidence and excitement with Mannarino Builders. That’s not to say there wasn’t headaches and stress but it was minimized by their professionalism and focus on getting it done right, the first time. We are now in our beautiful new home and have no complaints, no punch list of to-be-dones, just an appreciation and relief for having chosen and built with Mannarino Builders. We are thrilled to be enjoying the result of our combined planning and hard work – we love it! Would we do it all over again and with Mannarino Builders? Without a doubt.

Donna and Tony Mercure
Maskel Road
Kilkenny Heights
South Windsor CT






"Building a new home can be a very stressful process, but Mannarino Builders made it a positive and rewarding experience. From start to finish, their quality and customer service really exceeded our expectations. They take pride in their work and it shows in every home they build."

Rob & Darlene Goldenthal
South Windsor, CT






Good morning,

Just wanted to thank you again for making things so smooth over the last year. The house is beautiful and you made the entire process very enjoyable - HUGE contrast from our first building experience. We appreciate all that you did for us and I especially appreciate the comfort you gave Jeanine yesterday regarding the hit list. If we can doing anything to help out in the next month or in the future, just let me know.

Best to you and your family in the new year and hang in there with this market.


Geoffrey M. Dunn, CFA
Farmington, CT






Hello Rob

Hope all is well and you had an excellent weekend.

As you recollect we had the house blessing with 75 people visiting the Mannarino built home. All got back to us and said that it was well built and a wonderful plan. They were very appreciative of the excellent work done by you and the team. Some felt that they would not want to leave the house at all. They were finding the openness as well as the architecture and layout to be something they did not see elsewhere and commented on the same. They were appreciative of the work done especially in the winter months.

We are getting used to the house and really like it. Nalini especially is now happier with the heat as well as all items regarding the kitchen. Again thanks for the great work.

Best Regards